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Gum disease affects around 50% of Americans. And, while most of these cases are relatively mild, untreated cases of mild gum disease (gingivitis) can easily progress into a severe case of periodontitis. Periodontitis can cause the loss of multiple teeth, or even lead to life-threatening dental infection.

Periodontal care is extremely important to avoid gum disease, and to treat existing cases of gum disease before they become worse. At Dreier Family Dental, we can help keep your gums happy and healthy.

What Causes Gum Disease? (Periodontal Disease)

Gum disease is a chronic infection that is caused by poor oral hygiene. When the teeth and gums are not brushed properly, plaque begins to build up on the gums, and near the roots of teeth.

Plaque is a sticky, clear, colorless substance that’s full of harmful bacteria. If it is not removed, it calcifies into tartar (calculus) around the teeth and gums. The bacteria in tartar begins to attack the gums and oral tissue, making them feel tender and inflamed, and leading to many other oral health problems.

Common Signs And Symptoms Of Gum Disease

There are a number of signs and symptoms of gum disease that you should be on the lookout for. They vary, based on how severe your case of gum disease is.

Minor cases of gum disease are called “gingivitis”. The symptoms are relatively benign, and include blood when brushing or flossing, bad breath (halitosis), and increased tooth and gum sensitivity to heat, cold, and pressure.

As gum disease progresses, the symptoms worsen. You may notice loosening of the teeth, a change in your bite structure, gum recession which makes your teeth look “longer”, and other symptoms like severe discoloration of the gums, or even pus building up in the sockets around your teeth.

Some other common symptoms of gum disease include gum swelling, red or purplish gums, and excessive gum tenderness.

Periodontal Care Options For Gum Disease

Immediate treatment is critical for patients with gum disease. After a certain point, the damage done by gum disease is irreversible, which means you’ll need regular periodontal cleanings for the rest of your life to control the infection.

Some common periodontal care options for gum disease include:

  • Scaling and root planing (deep cleaning) – In this procedure, one of our doctors will use scrapers and other dental tools to remove tartar and bacteria from the gumline and the roots of the teeth, and plane the roots to prevent bacteria from collecting in these areas.
  • Antibiotic treatments – Antibiotics can be taken orally, or even implanted into the gum tissue to provide long-lasting antibacterial treatment, and destroy the bacteria responsible for gum disease.
  • Gum flap surgery – This is a more invasive surgery, usually required for severe cases of periodontal disease. Your gums are folded back, which allows the roots of the teeth and the underlying bone to be cleaned, removing the infection. Afterward, the gums must be surgically reattached.

Don’t Wait – Get Treatment For Periodontal Disease Right Away

Every case of periodontal disease is serious, no matter how minor the symptoms may seem. Proper periodontal care and attention are required to eliminate the infection, and prevent it from recurring.

If you suspect that you have periodontitis, don’t wait another second. See Dr. Brandon Dreier or Dr. Frankie Larson at Dreier Family Dental today. Take a look at some of our patient testimonials to learn more about our approach to dentistry and hear our success stories!

Our team can help you get the periodontal treatment you need. The sooner you get treatment, the better your chances are of making a full recovery. Contact us now at (608) 752-2931, or come to our office at 2630 Liberty Lane, Janesville, WI 53545 to get started.

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