Prophylaxis Cleanings Vs. Periodontal Cleanings

At Dreier Family Dental, we are huge proponents of preventative dentistry. We believe in empowering our patients, and helping them avoid common oral health issues like periodontal disease and tooth decay.

That’s why we offer prophylaxis cleanings to all of our patients. Dr. Brandon Dreier, Dr. Connie Winter and Dr. Jim Winter may recommend a prophylaxis cleaning if you are at risk of developing periodontal disease, or if you have a mild case of gingivitis.

Periodontal Cleaning

What Is A Prophylaxis Cleaning?

Prophylaxis cleanings are quite similar to regular 6-month dental cleanings, and are usually performed by an oral hygienist, rather than a dentist.

If you go in for a regular oral exam, and your dentist notices significant plaque or tartar buildup, a prophylaxis cleaning may be recommended.

Your hygienist will use a powerful dental toothbrush to remove the plaque on your teeth, floss between your gums to remove food particles and tartar, and use scrapers to remove plaque and tartar from the surfaces of your teeth. In some cases, dental sealants or fluoride treatments may also be applied.

The process only takes a little longer than a standard dental cleaning. One of our doctors may recommend another follow-up cleaning in several weeks or months. You will also need to ensure that you follow proper oral hygiene recommendations to reduce plaque and tartar accumulation.

What Is A Periodontal Cleaning?

A periodontal cleaning, or “deep cleaning” is required if you develop gum disease due to poor oral hygiene. Deep cleanings must be performed by a qualified dentist, such as Dr. Brandon Dreier, Dr. Connie Winter, or Dr. Jim Winter.

Most periodontal cleanings begin with “scaling and root planing.” One of our dentists will use scrapers to remove plaque and tartar from above and below the gumline. In addition, the roots of the teeth will be “planed” to smooth them out.

This is an invasive procedure, which will require numbing agents to minimize discomfort. The procedure can take multiple hours and several appointments, depending on the severity of periodontal disease, and how many areas of the mouth must be treated

Why Should I Get Regular Prophylaxis Cleanings?

If you are at risk of developing periodontal disease, a prophylaxis cleaning is the best treatment for you.

  • Inexpensive – A prophylactic cleaning only costs about as much as a standard dental cleaning, and is usually covered by most dental insurance plans.
  • Non-invasive – Numbing agents are not required for a prophylaxis cleaning, and the entire procedure is completely non-invasive.
  • Prevent periodontal disease – With just one or two prophylaxis cleanings, and proper at-home oral care, you can eliminate your risk of developing periodontal disease.

Prophylaxis Cleanings Vs. Periodontal Cleanings

Come To Dreier Family Dental For Periodontal Treatment Today!

Whether you need a prophylaxis cleaning to prevent the progression of a minor case of gingivitis, or a deep cleaning to treat periodontal disease, we are here to help.

At Dreier Family Dental, our doctors are specialists in preventative dentistry. Take a look at a few of our patient testimonials, and learn more about our approach to family and restorative dentistry.

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