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Root canals are the most common endodontic surgery, and they’re a great way to restore an infected tooth, relieve pain, and avoid an extraction. Despite popular belief, root canals are not invasive, and the procedure is very similar to filling a cavity. At Dreier Family Dental, our dentists have years of experience performing root canal therapy. With our gentle, non-invasive approach and informative attitude, you’ll be as comfortable as possible throughout your procedure.

What is a Root Canal?

Root canal therapy is a method that removes infected material from damaged teeth to restore the it’s interior and protect it from further decay. Tooth infections occur when the nerve-filled “pulp” beneath the enamel and dentin of your teeth becomes exposed to oral bacteria. The most common reason for this is an uncontrolled cavity, which eats through the tooth and exposes the pulp. However, cracked teeth may also need treatment with a root canal, if the pulp is exposed.

The Root Canal Process

To begin root canal therapy, one of our dentists will clean your mouth and numb the affected area. Decayed or damaged tooth material is gently removed, and once everything harmful is taken out, a rubbery material called “gutta percha” is injected into the tooth. This provides support and replaces the original pulp of your tooth. The last step is placing a filling crown on your tooth to protect the treatment site and restore the tooth’s appearance.

Benefits Of Root Canal Therapy

Root canals are a thorough, effective way to treat infected teeth. Benefits of root canal therapy include its affordability when compared to other restorative treatments like dental implants. A root canal also allows you to keep your natural tooth and preserves its structure. Infected teeth can cause painful toothaches, and root canal therapy is the fastest way to relieve the pain.

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