Sedation Dentistry

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Sedation Dentistry

Relieve Your Dental Anxiety

For those patients who have dental anxiety, going to the dentist for even the most routine cleaning can be a daunting task. At Dreier Family Dental, we believe that everyone deserves excellent dental care and should feel comfortable while it’s taking place. With sedation options, you’ll be able to let your worries melt away while we get your smile in tip-top shape. Don’t let dental anxiety stop you from getting the grin of your dreams, take advantage of sedation dentistry at Dreier Family Dental today!

Laughing Gas

Laughing gas is a safe and effective sedation option in the form of an odorless, colorless gas. It is a commonly used mild sedative that eliminates pain and calms patients, often providing them with a sense of euphoria or giddiness along with relaxation. One reason it is used so frequently is that patients remain conscious while receiving the sedative, which means they can still answer questions and respond to their surroundings during treatment. Another big advantage of laughing gas is how short-term its effects are. Once your procedure is finished and Dr. Dreier removes the mask, most patients are back to their usual selves in less than 5 minutes, and can even drive themselves home!

What Is Laughing Gas?

Laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, is a colorless, odorless gas, and is a common sedative option, especially for dental patients. The gas is mixed with oxygen and applied through a comfortable mask that fits over your nose. It is continuously administered for the duration of the procedure, as its effects wear off quickly after removing the mask.

What Does Laughing Gas Do?

Movies and television depict laughing gas as a substance that immediately sends whoever’s taking it into a fit of giggles and silliness. Well the truth is, those depictions aren’t all that far off, though they tend to be exaggerated. In practice, laughing gas does indeed give patients a giddy, euphoric feeling. However, it also provides relief from pain and nervousness while the patient remains conscious, making it a great option for patients of all ages who experience dental anxiety.

Are There Any Side Effects?

According to the California Dental Association, the vast majority of laughing gas patients do not experience any adverse reactions or negative side effects. However, the most common side effects include shivering, sweating, nausea or vomiting, dizziness, headache, and fatigue. These are often a result of the nitrous levels being too high in the gas mixture, or from a sudden change in the amount inhaled. Fortunately, side effects are rare, making laughing gas one of the safest and most consistent forms of sedation in dentistry today.

Don’t Let Your Dental Anxiety Stop You From Smiling

With modern sedation options like laughing gas, Dreier Family Dental can help you move past your dental anxieties, and keep you comfortable while you get the treatment you need. Laughing gas is non-allergenic, rapid-acting, and its effects are easily reversible, making it a safe option for patients of all ages. If dental anxiety has been holding you back from achieving the smile of your dreams, give us a call at (608) 752-2931 Calls on Click take your dental health into your own hands.


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