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Teeth Whitening

Shining smiles are our specialty

Are over-the-counter whitening strips not doing the trick? Are your teeth stain magnets? Tear away years of discoloration with custom whitening trays from Dreier Family Dental!

How it Works

Our staff will create a custom-molded tray that fits your teeth exactly. This customization prevents slipping and oozing, keeping the whitening formula on your teeth and off your gums. Once the trays have been processed, you’ll be ready to start your treatment. Just squeeze the whitening formula into the trays and wear them for the proper amount of time. Your teeth will be noticeably whiter in just a few days. And it can all be done in the comfort of your own home.

Why Whiten Your Teeth?

Many of us drink coffee, tea, wine—drinks that tend to leave a lasting impression on our teeth. Continuous exposure to these tannin-filled beverages cause staining and yellowing. But you don’t have to feel insecure about your smile.

Though there are many over-the-counter options for teeth whitening, a professional whitening treatment from Dreier Family Dental will provide a more comprehensive and long-term solution.

Our practice offers Opalescence Go, a powerful take-home whitening option. Simple, affordable and effective, it’s one of the best teeth whitening products on the market, and can restore your smile and your confidence!

Does Teeth Whitening Have Any Side Effects?

The most common side effect of teeth whitening is minor tooth sensitivity. After you’ve had your teeth whitened, you may find that your teeth are more sensitive to hot and cold air, beverages, and foods. This usually lasts only a few days after your whitening treatment has been completed. An anti-sensitivity toothpaste such as Sensodyne can help treat sensitive teeth and provide you relief from sensitivity to heat and cold.

More rarely, your gums may become irritated if they come into contact with whitening compounds. This is not a concern with professional take-home whitening kits, as they do not contact the gums. However, some over-the-counter kits may cause peroxide to come into contact with your gums, causing irritation. 

Over-the-Counter Whitening Kits vs. Professional Whitening

There are many different whitening kits available for purchase. Why shouldn’t you just use an over-the-counter (OTC) whitening kit instead of using a professional take-home whitening kit?

It’s true that OTC whitening usually costs less than professional-grade whitening, but there are good reasons for this.

First, ADA-approved whitening products like Crest Whitestrips, usually have very weak concentrations of whitening agents to ensure that you do not accidentally over-whiten and damage your teeth. 

Teeth whitening kits that are not ADA-approved, on the other hand, often use a very high concentration of whitening agents, which can increase your risk of over-whitening your teeth, causing them to look translucent and become very sensitive. With these kits, you can accidentally cause long-term damage to your teeth.

Even OTC whitening kits that are safe to use will not provide you with the same high-quality results as a professional-grade kit. With take-home whitening from Dreier Family Dental, you’ll get a set of custom-made whitening trays which whiten each of your teeth, and a custom-picked set of whitening agents that are chosen to ensure that you get a perfectly white, bright smile.

In contrast, OTC whitening kits don’t use custom-fit trays. It will take a much longer time to whiten your teeth, and the cost of purchasing multiple OTC whitening kits can add up more quickly than you might think.

For all of these reasons, it’s typically a better idea to have your teeth whitened professionally, rather than trying to treat yourself with OTC whitening kits.

Avoid Harmful Over-the-Counter “Whitening” Tools and Products

OTC whitening kits are generally harmless when used properly. But that’s not the case when it comes to some other “whitening” tools and products that are on the market.

One of the most dangerous offenders is charcoal toothpaste, which contains a high concentration of abrasive charcoal. This toothpaste does not actually whiten your teeth. Instead, the highly-abrasive charcoal scrubs away some of the enamel on the outside of your teeth. This may remove some tooth stains, but it can also result in permanent, irreversible damage to your teeth. 

Do not fall for trends like charcoal toothpaste. Before you try any new whitening product, ask a dentist like Dr. Dreier or Dr. Larson to make sure that it’s safe and will not damage your teeth.

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